You lie face down on a comfortable massage table

Street, waiting for the light to change, when my teenage daughter asked, out of nowhere, “Dad, what are you afraid of?” That might have been a cue for a heartwarming father daughter conversation about overcoming life’s challenges. Nope. From my lizard brain, or from the primordial soup in my guts, came an answer I didn’t even consider, out of my mouth before I had a conscious thought of it.

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If light is simply the visible spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, and colour is how we perceive the individual wavelengths of light across that spectrum, then in nature the myriad of ways in which all these wavelengths of light can be combined, produces a multitude of shades and tones and colours. However, there is a limit to what the human brain can distinguish, and in practical terms it has been found that by combining just three wavelengths Red, Green and Blue we can create pretty much all the subtleties of colour which we can see. This is the basis of the RGB colour system which in its simplest form consists of many thousands of pixels (picture elements) in which the components of red, green and blue light the three so called ‘primary colours’ can each be varied in intensity to create different hues..

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It all begins with Raindrop Therapy treatment. You lie face down on a comfortable massage table while music softly plays and a curated blend of eight therapeutic grade, warm essential oils rain down on your body, halting your stress and anxiety levels in seconds. The sensation was simply amazing as Bender fingers danced gently on my back..

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