When I first started learning about gas grills and

And it turns out that mammals are born with two kinds of fat: white fat, which we all know about, which is the energy stores of our bodies; and brown fat, which actually burns and produces heat energy. We kind of start to lose it as we get older, but there are ways to do what’s called “the browning of white fat,” which is to kind of turn it into instead of energy storage energy burning tissue. And that fat is called beige fat.

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The HOSA students placed at regional competition at Union University in Jackson, where they competed in medical related events with students from the regions of upper and lower West Tennessee. As a result, several advanced to the state level and will be traveling to Nashville in April for competition. Participants included Kendall Fielder, Chelsea Boyd, Zach Tucker, Teal Ford, Krysten Harris, Josh Gale, Katelin Hayes, Ethan Rudd, Shane Walley, Samantha Scott, Leann Staser, Mandi McDaniel, Madi Bell, Katie Hardin, Mariah Adkins, Byron Brown, Ashley Barbour, Drew Crews, Lydia Morris, Lindsey King and Darrin Howard.

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