“We’d be like, ‘You also like this dumb team we

The Buddha point was that we don need to know the answers to abstract questions about the bigger picture in order to wake up, to attain enlightenment. We are all in a sense dying of a poisoned arrow because we are all dying the moment we are born. What then is the use of philosophy if it does not focus solely on tools and techniques for achieving an end to suffering, achieving enlightenment, rather than on deeper questions about the arrow origins?.

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To accomplish this dream would require real leadership and statesmanship by the most powerful people in the game. Today, that seems impossible. But sometimes, forces stronger than ourselves, such as a global pandemic, can inspire and accelerate change.

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I wheel Dad out to the Subaru in his wheelchair, drive over to the pond, wheel him out to the edge of the water, in a nice shady spot, and hand him his light spinning rod. Sitting there, watching him cast, is worth a whole lot more than I paid for my fishing license. And every cast represents a parcel of wonderful memories..

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Read more.Diagnostics Evaluation of back and neck pain requires a physician experienced in diagnosing spinal conditions. The work up begins with a detailed history and physical examination. Your medical history helps the doctor understand your back and neck pain and the influence of your lifestyle on your pain.

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