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I also want to thank Beth Paul and the Arena District Board for welcoming us with open arms, sharing in our vision and becoming partners in making hockey flourish in Greenville. We believe in this league and we believe in hockey in South Carolina. As Carolinians ourselves, we have immense pride in this region, in this community, and Greenville deserves a team that is the envy of the league.

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Cheap Jerseys from china If we are to truly connect with our nation culture, we must properly embrace it.May 24 2019 7:00PMWhy just end reconciliation at a round?Players are wearing painted boots and 34 clubs from the two codes are wearing indigenous themed jerseys this week as Australians come together to come to terms with the nation’s painful history in a crucial step towards unity.The Canberra Raiders will wear a jersey designed by Lynnice Church, her daughter, niece and indigenous students when they meet the North Queensland Cowboys at Canberra Stadium on Saturday.Handprints illustrate cultural diversity within the Ngunnawal region with the design tailored to demonstrating how learning, interaction and respect work bring communities together.Brumbies Jahrome Brown and Andy Muirhead sport the club’s indigenous kit. Picture: Sitthixay DitthavongNot only is it a chance for star five eighth Jack Wighton to pay homage to his roots, it is a fitting reflection of what this round aims to achieve, and what Reconciliation Week stands for.But what happens next week? The boots are packed away, and the jerseys are nowhere to be seen spare a handful of clubs that might want to wear them at home if they’re coming off an away game.If sporting codes across Australia are serious about unity, can we expect them to take a stand on issues confronting indigenous communities in similar fashion to their actions on the same sex marriage debate?Is it too much to ask our sporting clubs to hold a Welcome to Country ceremony before every game? Or how about to have an indigenous element on every jersey they wear?Surely it is a no brainer for our national teams to galvanise a fan base.The Wallabies have led the way in that regard, with the Dennis Golding designed jersey enough to convince players it had given them an extra edge in a win over the New Zealand All Blacks.Canberra Capitals’ Abby Cubillo. Picture: Karleen MinneyWill Genia and Kurtley Beale have called for it to be worn more often, adamant it brings the playing group together Cheap Jerseys from china.

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