Thus, they give you the illusion of empowerment

A level of trust from past actions and comparing each, the branching out of Amazon and Bezoz with media, grocery stores, tech with AWS, and more is scary as well as how many industries they have killed absorbed. I realize Google is doing this a bit as well, but it feels much less sinister. A friend of mine walked past a brick and mortar Amazon bookstore, which is really surreal to me.

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More generally, the transactional advisor is less likely to recommend against any particular strategy or investment product. They leave it up to you to decide, and merely explain how each works. Thus, they give you the illusion of empowerment. You should definitely use geographic timezone like America instead of just offset. Offset actually isn a real timezone it is just an offset. Timezone usually means a lookup table of what offset it has at what time and that can also change due to different laws at different time.

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