“They should have tested him before admitting him to

This is the diagram of Love Himself, the inventor of all loves. The center of the universe, we discover a heavily invested creator, a risk taker, a giver, a long suffering and patient parent who is desperate for the company his children (us!). A dad who withholds judgment in the face of continuous rejection and who is stirred to deep emotion when one of his own returns to him.

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First got involved years ago when a friend of mine asked if I had ever heard of Bruce Lee, he said. Never did. We looked him up and started following Bruce Lee and his movies. “We were furious,” Bobby Farrell said. “They should have tested him before admitting him to the corona ward, but the hospital said it was protocol because he had some congestion. My dad fit the bill, but his vital signs were perfect.

“It feels like sacrifice is in all our minds these days,” Garcetti said, referencing the upcoming Memorial Day holiday. “But each day, each one of us in this city, the largest city and the largest state in this great union, we continue to do the work. County announced it was reopening beach bike paths and some parking lots, and said indoor malls could resume operations for curbside pickup services.

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