There’s also the fact that Los Angeles is home to

I TRIED going to my prom, but my first choice for a date was deemed too young by her parents, my second choice developed mononucleosis and choices three through 10 all suddenly started hanging around choice No. 2. ( never spend enough time together, Girl from My Home Ec Class.

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Rhodiola is a herb indigenous to the northern regions of Asia and parts of Europe. In ancient times it was commonly referred to as “the golden root” and was relied upon for its ability to strengthen the immune system and enhance endurance. In fact, it is said that because of its ability to enhance strength and vigor this root was once a part of the Soviet Union secret weapon in their quest to prevail against the West.

Zeman recommends aiming for a 30 minute cardio workout that maximizes the time spent on intervals (and thus your calorie burn). “If you start off with a one minute interval but do it so hard that it takes you five minutes to recover,” he says, “you’re only going to get in five minutes of hard running in half an hour. That’s not an efficient use of your time.” Instead, shoot to do a one minute bout of high intensity exercise, followed by a minute to a minute and a half of recovery..

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