The Colts converted a pair of fourth and one tries

You miss deadlines. We all know that missing deadlines is a bad thing, yet many of us persist in (often creatively) figuring out how to buy more time for ourselves. Every once in a rare while an extension may be necessary; say, if too little time was initially provided to do a good job or if an emergency pops up in the middle of the project.

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No NFL play caller is on his own. That first play to be used against the Dolphins was included on a list selected not only by Kyle Shanahan, but by Mike Shanahan and five offensive assistants. The list was developed Monday and Tuesday, two days of intense planning in dark rooms at Redskins Park, the only light provided by flickering monitors showing hours of game tape.

Colts increase lead: Kicker Adam Vinatieri upped the Colts’ lead to 16 10 with his third field goal of the night, this time from 31 yards. The Colts kept the ball for 14 plays and took 8:34 off the clock but only moved 35 yards on their drive after taking over at the Kansas City 48 yard line following a Chiefs’ punt out of the end zone. The Colts converted a pair of fourth and one tries and overcame a failed instant replay challenge by Coach Frank Reich of a questionable offensive pass interference penalty.

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cheap nfl jerseys Common sense ain’t common. Truth Hurts. Never waste time explaining to people who never supported u anyway. If indeed Todd Haley’s ego and insecurity issues are the culprit behind driving away two veteran offensive coordinators in the past 16 months, it then seems that someone within the Kansas City organization needs to have a “sit down” meeting with HC Todd Haley and remind him that good, veteran OC’s don’t grow on trees. He may in fact be the “buck stops here guy” in KC however, somebody writes the check he (Coach Haley) receives on the first and fifteenth of each month. That guy needs, in my opinion, to pull him in just a bit and take Coach Haley down a peg or two cheap nfl jerseys.

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