Remember last week, when things were still normal and

One of the OG flavors, Cherry Garcia is still one of the best. Fun story: The flavor originated when a woman named Jane Williamson sent a postcard to the Burlington office in 1986 suggesting the flavor. It debuted the following year and became one of the company’s most popular flavors.

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Cheap Jerseys from china And she and the United Way staff have launched two platforms to help nonprofits keep in touch with each other. One allows nonprofit employees and clients to communicate and share information. The other is a confidential platform for CEOs who need a way to talk with each other about their concerns as leaders about paying the bills each month or dealing with potential furloughs.. Cheap Jerseys from china

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Cheap Jerseys china That leaves players in search of routine in times that are anything but routine. Mays, a 6 foot 4 guard who averaged 16.7 ppg at LSU, has access to a place to lift daily. On average, he said he’s been finding gyms three days a week. One such thing: receiving deliveries.Whether it’s food delivery, groceries, or something ordered from Amazon, these packages were put together at some other location and passed through many hands before arriving at your doorstep.Remember last week, when things were still normal and we were casually ordering clothes online?Mail carriers and couriers are working harder with the increase in online shopping, and many of the restaurants that have closed are still offering takeout and delivery as a way to supplement their lost income. And lots of kind people are taking initiative to help their neighbors by picking up groceries, medication and other essentials, putting themselves at risk so that other people have what they need.So, in this age of social distancing, how do we safely and responsibly receive a package? Here are some tips.Video: Voting by Mail During a PandemicRequest a contact free deliveryLuckily, delivery people leaving packages on your doorstep without actually interacting with you is already the norm in many cases. Most food delivery services are already doing it, or at the very least letting customers request it (often in the “notes” or “special instructions” section of delivery apps) Cheap Jerseys china.

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