Parsley and its tea also contain compounds that

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Montecito), you had a very concentrated, very severe event, Taugher said. Did more than we normally do. Also noted the disaster in Montecito highlighted the lack of specialized equipment and rescue gear emergency that first responders had to respond to the debris flow, leading Direct Relief to donate more than $500,000 in emergency vehicles and rescue gear for fire departments and the Santa Barbara County sheriff Search and Rescue team, an all volunteer group..

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Sports View Section >Preps Outdoors CyclingAs the owners of Jimmy’s Restaurant, we feel it is our responsibility to speak up regarding the planned reopening process. It is important to understand and respect the needs of public health, but we would like to shine a light on the reality that local business owners are currently facing. There was never a doubt as to our survival throughout the past couple of decades until now..

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