Kennedy International Airport in neighboring Queens

Bird investigators and newspaper reports claim that these birds were descendants of parrots who broke out of containers and cages at John F. Kennedy International Airport in neighboring Queens. (I always thought the $6 million Lufthansa cargo robbery in 1978 was the biggest bust out caper in the airport’s history, until now.).

She now teaches not only her kids but other kids too.Alice helps write grants for the city, conducts a free children choir, volunteers for the clothing drive and runs the Easter egg hunt and 4th of July entertainment every year.Last week Alice called her brother crying because her oven broke and she had to make hundreds of cookies for holiday gatherings. She began borrowing other ovens and coming up with creative solutions to make the treats.Secret Santa knew he could help this holiday season and asked the East Idaho News elves to drop by an early Christmas gift. Watch the video above to see what happened!.

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