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Sunday wasn’t the first time that two of Jefferies’s former Dunbar players scored touchdowns in the NFL on the same day. Josh Cribbs and Vernon Davis both had receiving touchdowns on Nov. 22, 2009. Greg Abbott (R)’s use of the term “covid 19.” Washington Post Washington Post abbot county storm laura storm laura trump trump Laura leaves a trail of destruction in Lake Charles, La. Laura reduced some coastal Louisiana homes to concrete slabs, nearly consumed entire towns Katrina anniversary, Trump visits Louisiana area hit by Hurricane Laura Washington Post center Rodman RodmanKatrina anniversary, Trump visits Louisiana area hit by Hurricane Laura years after Hurricane Katrina made landfall in New Orleans, President Trump spoke Aug. 29 in Lake Charles, La., about damage from a new storm, Hurricane Laura, which caused massive devastation earlier in the week.

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wholesale nfl jerseys I think the world of Brock. I had a great conversation with him probably about a week and a half ago after everything went down. I wish him all the best. Jacksonville Jaguars plus 3.5 vs. Kansas City Chiefs The number is right where it should be, and yet more than 75 percent of the tickets are coming in on the Chiefs. There’s no worse spread to give than 3.5 in the NFL, and the most likely result of this result of this game is the Chiefs by a field goal.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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