It’s not that we just didn’t notice this before

In recent months, he has been chronicling the travails of others who for a host of reasons once lived under roofs but now don’t. He is one of a number of people I know of who are homeless in our city who also document homelessness. They’re in that world.

UPDATE: We will post all laboratory data using our new group compilation charts formatMy goal here is to get all rice protein manufacturers to agree to these reasonable limits for heavy metals by July 1, 2015. As part of the effort to contribute to total transparency so that consumers can decide what they wish to consume, we have decided to publish all laboratory data using a new, improved format. This format does not publish individual product elemental composition numbers.

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Monday: I not sure I got an appropriate look for the pandemic. First there the tan. I have a pretty serious tan at this stage. Sent during the greatest public health crisis of her father’s administration, Trump’s tweet served as another reminder that things can always get more surreal. Red pilling, originally a reference to the 1999 movie “The Matrix,” is a term used online to describe a conversion to extreme, far right views. Musk and Trump are far from the first public figures to seemingly espouse this form of radicalization; the term has been co opted so often that its online meaning has become the dominant one.

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