“It around us, we haven got to do all the travelling

Jackson has always been a good free throw shooter in his three seasons (86/83/89). He a career 43 percent shooter overall. Meanwhile,Rubio, has been a steady 80 percent from the stripe in his first three years and 37 percent from the field. North Philly based ASMRtist, Abby Stoetzer, known as Abbystar ASMR on Youtube, discovered ASMR during her sophomore year at Temple University when she heard the buzz surrounding its insomnia subduing benefits. Stoetzer’s love affair with the whisper community continued for a year before she tried her hand at producing her own ASMR content on Youtube. Only a couple weeks after posting her first upload, a lo fi whispered video filmed on her iPhone, the clip had amassed about 100 views.

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