I was 16 and growing up in White County

In 2016, Portland voters passed a 10 cent per gallon gas tax to fund street repairs and safety improvements. While there have been hiccups in its administration, the city expects to break ground on all its promised projects by the end of the year with completion by summer of next year. With a pressing need for more funding for both maintenance and safety, Portlanders should vote “yes” on this measure and renew the tax..

Santa Catalina is such a glorious spot that The Four Preps, who, during their heyday, charted 11 gold records, memorialized it in Miles, a paean about island of romance, romance, romance. Story behind the Cubs arrival on Catalina is a tribute to team owner William Wrigley Jr. On a 1919 visit, the soap turned chewing gum potentate wife, Ada, woke, looked out her hotel window, gazed across the Pacific, and declared that she wanted to make Catalina her home.

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