I felt like I was being arrested

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At the Miramar, public areas will be sanitized hourly. Housekeepers will use a minimum of four different color coded microfiber cloths each time they clean a guest room. Ultraviolet light air purifiers have been installed in the heating and air conditioning systems in the main building that bring in only outside air instead of recycling it..

Fact. We make fewer arrests than we ever have. Fact. “But if they want to call us a boy band, then we’re a boy band. If they want to call us a boy group, we’re a group. If they want to call us K pop, then we’re cool with K pop.”. Wife, wife, wife. I love that term. I even changed the number on my phone to ‘Wife’ when she calls.” Newlywed rocker Adam Levine is head over heels in love with model Behati Prinsloo following their July (14) nuptials..

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