Christian Vazquez hit a sharp grounder that Davis

With runners on second and third with one out in the Boston fourth, the Orioles pulled the infield in. Christian Vazquez hit a sharp grounder that Davis snagged after diving to his right. Still prone, Davis flipped the ball underhanded behind his back to Jonathan Villar, who came over from second base to get the out at first..

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The team said the stadium will be subject to “enhanced cleaning and sanitization measures.” Fans must wear masks and follow distancing measures, the Chiefs said. Concessions will be cashless, and hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed throughout the stadium. The team said fans will be permitted to tailgate but are encouraged to maintain proper distance from other groups.

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DEAR UNEXPECTED: I applaud your appreciation of the emotional toll infertility can take on couples, which can be devastating. However, if your sister in law IVF is unsuccessful and you make your grand announcement afterward, the news will be doubly painful for her. This is why I vote for telling her quietly before she receives the results so she will be prepared regardless of what they are.

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I experienced this campaign firsthand. When I was writing my book on the legacy of Tiananmen while working as a foreign correspondent in Beijing, I had to participate in an unavoidable journalistic shell game, writing stories to give me cover to interview sources who were under surveillance. I took elaborate precautions to protect the project.

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It is also worth noting that there are reasons to think that Americans as a whole may bemore biased than the map suggests. After all, as Greenwald noted above,the Project Implicit test takers trend younger than average, as well as towards liberal political beliefs and higher levels of education. But other research has suggested that older Americans past the age of 65, in particular, tend to have higher IAT D scores suggesting that those included in this sample may beless biased than Americans as a whole.

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