But I do still think the goal should be getting kids

If you want other cool features like expense tracking, downloadable Income statements, rent reminders, documented communication, etc then I would recommend checking out Tellus.I would caution against cash since it’s hard to document. Checks are better than cash for documenting but even then they aren’t great since they can bounce and also some banks don’t let you easily retrieve check records after a period of time.One other benefit of Tellus payments is you can block partial payments and have a different bank account assigned for each property. It’s also completely free for tenants that pay with bank transfer although they do charge a fee if a tenant uses a credit card to pay rent..

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Besides that, if your savings are accumulating at 3%, if the inflation rate is 4%, you are losing your deposit at the rate of 1% per year. That means when you are ready to retire, the money will not be worth as much and as you live off the interest, that interest payment made to you will be worth less and less so you will need to live off part of the principle, which will accelerate. Bad news, I know..

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2nd All time in Rec TD’s. Most consecutive games w a catch. Started 12 games as a 17yo True Freshmen. Of the options are great, Reyes Martin said. “They all have challenges and all have downsides. But I do still think the goal should be getting kids in our classrooms with their teachers as much as possible as soon as it is safe to do so.

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