Best of all, the Strong Intrpretation tours end with

News of the imminent demolition of parts of the Northbourne Avenue public housing precinct this week has not worried former Owen Flats resident Laurel Dakin. The 85 year old moved six months ago to a government owned townhouse in Ainslie and hasn looked back since. Along with hundreds of others, the retiree and longtime resident of public housing has been relocated as part of the ACT government housing renewal project.

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uk canada goose outlet If you are able, please subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.The ACT branch of the Australian Education Union and ACT Education Directorate last week struck a deal that guaranteed casual teachers a wage for at least six months, even if work dries up.Canberra’s schools have largely moved to online learning due to COVID 19, with only the children of essential workers able to attend.ATAR scores could be adjusted due to coronavirusMass APS work from home shift under wayVirus response drives massive APS changes”We will continue to be flexible in our approach to maintaining the continuity of employment and payment for casuals wherever possible.”It came after weeks of discussions between the union and the ACT government to ensure teachers permanent, temporary or casual were not financially disadvantaged due to the crisis.Mr Fowler also said there was no end date to the guarantee, meaning teachers wages would be guaranteed for the length of the crisis.However it was unclear what would happen for casual teachers who did not have a six month work history.Reports have emerged of casual teachers lining up for JobSeeker payments, after schools went online last week.The Treasury Department failed for the second day in a row to respond to questions about whether the new JobKeeper subsidy could be used for teachers employed in non government schools. The payment provides wage subsidies of $1500 per fortnight to private sector businesses that have experienced a downturn of at least 30 per cent due to the virus.The union has also secured an agreement from the government that no member will be forced to go to a school site uk canada goose outlet.

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