At the end of the day, Radiohead played more of a

“And I think this video. Of an 80 year old man telling a young black man how to be black is the definition of white privilege.” (Biden is 77.) She added: “He basically says, ‘how dare you,’ as if black America has the audacity to ask more questions about a candidate who is running for president of the United States.”Scott, the only African American Republican in the Senate, said he was “shocked and surprised” by Biden’s remark. Choosing not to respond directly to a question about the suggestion it was said in jest, Scott said he was “struck by the condescension and the arrogance in his comments.””I could not believe my ears that he would stoop so low to tell folks what they should do, how they should think, and what it means to be black.

wholesale jerseys Radiohead played the perfect setlist for their Saturday night headlining set. Sure, there’s at least a dozen songs I wished they’d played cough, cough “How to Disappear Completely” but it’s tough when a band has that many great songs. At the end of the day, Radiohead played more of a greatest hits set, fitting in “2+2=5, “”Pyramid Song,” “Paranoid Android,” and set closer “Karma Police.” Admittedly, the set lost its mystique and power from simply being on too early in the day. wholesale jerseys

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping J: Yeah. So today’s guest, I think that’s a good cheap jerseys lead in is somebody who’s normally on this side of the microphone. He is a podcast host, but today he’s going to be our podcast guest and his name is David Greene. Reigning NASCAR Cup Series champ Kyle Busch misspoke when he told SiriusXM Radio this week that antibody testing will be an option. It won be, and Bobo explained on the April call with reporters that the infectious disease experts NASCAR consulted with raised questions about whether a positive antibody test actually translates to immunity. There are also concerns about false positives.. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

cheap nfl jerseys At Sproul, a smattering of supporters gathered around anti Marxist Amber Cummings, who livestreamed the event. Her phone wasn’t the only one recording; cameramen surrounded her, making sure to stay up close and personal for the most intimate, tangible shots of protest confrontations that were sure to arise the kind that draws hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube or Facebook. Tourists carried on and snapped selfies at Sather Gate. cheap nfl jerseys

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