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GOLDEN - Delicate Taste

A delicate, sweet and buttery, syrup with gentle maple undertones and clear gold in color.

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AMBER - Rich Taste

Our most popular syrup, distinct maple flavor and color.

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DARK - Robust Taste

This versatile syrup is dark amber in color and holds a robust maple flavor.

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VERY DARK - Strong Taste

Almost black in color with a bold maple flavor.

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There is nothing more Canadian than maple syrup!

Maple Syrup Facts
Fact 1
All grades of 100% Pure Maple Syrup have the same sugar content because they are 100% pure
Fact 2
In January of 2016, Ontario changed what each grade (colour class) is called with the adoption of the international maple syrup grading system.
Fact 3
How to store: Keep unopened containers of maple syrup in a cool, dry place
Fact 4
Once opened, store it and make sure it is tightly closed in the refrigerator or place the unused portion back in the deep freezer.
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